Week 14 – Artist Conversation – Chris Hampton

12336125_1011113965617995_583373249_nIn the Werby Gallery and Dutzi Gallery there was a group exhibition called Figment. In that, several artists presented their work of their BFA, one of them is Chris Hampton. Hampton’s art pieces are photographies featuring the beauty of food. Thus, he combines two of his hobbies, photography and food, to create art that has a bigger meaning to him and should to us, too.


In the photo above we can see Hampton’s pieces. Though his photographs the artist shows how food can bring people together, no matter if it is part of a gellery or if you have real food in front of you. Fact is that food plays an important role in our lives. By bringing people together it plays amajor role in socialization. But food is so much more  than that. It keeps us alive by giving us the nutrients we need to survive and it also defines our culture. Hampton makes it hard to oversee the power of food.

Personally, I love food. But I never really thought about it in a way that it has greater power than just being delicious. Food has the power of keeping people healthy as long as they eat the right stuff. While many people only see the effects of it on our bodies we tend to overlook that it affects our minds too.  Moreover, we often see food as granted. But what would happen if no food would exist anymore? Itsdisappearance could destroy societies. With all that in mind, I will appreciate my food even more than I have before.


Week 14 – Classmate Conversation – Danie Guerrero/Aidan Dick

12348225_1011114012284657_145124039_nThis week, my classmate conversation was not just with one other person but more of a triangle conversation. Thus, I talked to Daniel and Aidan. Daniel is currently at junior while Aidan is a freshman. Both of them have spent their entire college career here at CSULB. While Daniel is a biomedical engineer who wants to work in reserch development for prosthetics or chemo therapies, Aidan is a film major. After college, she wants to get a job in the film industry, preferrably in post-production. She also wants to travel the world because she loves traveling. She has already been to England, France, Ireland, Costa Rica, the Bahamas, and Jamaica. Traveling is also a goal for Daniel. Afte college he just wants to get around and take pictures ofwhere he has been. Mainly, he wants to see the the seven world wonders. Both of them love lists. So, if there is a list about “places to see before you die” both of them will be in for that.

Danie likes being outside and being with his friends but his is also a real artist. He loves drawing, especially with pencils. He showed us one of his works and it looked really good. Aidan instead loves writing stand-up comedy. Compared to film this is an immediate release according to her. She got inspired when she was in Amsterdam where she was part of a stand up show.

The question of the week was “What Art has made the biggest impact on your life?” Daniel said that it would probably be pencil drawins since it is one of his greates hobbies. He is especially taken by the pieces with no color that show much detail or that are in 3D. Another art form that made an impact for him is metal sculpting. One of his friends apparently makes really creative and true-to-life pieces. In Aidan’s opinion, movies is the art form that made the most impact in her life. That is probably why she also wants to go into that field.

If you think Aidan and Daniel sound like people that are worth to get to know more you can visit their webpages.

Week 13 – Artist Conversation – Shahrzad Ahrar

12286065_1005215239541201_462215237_nShahrzad Ahrar was the artist of this week’s gallery ‘Wake’ that I visited. The artist is currently a graduate student at CSULB. Seven years ago she came from Iran to the United States. Based on that background, her gallery is inspired by immigration. Ahrar wanted to figure out whether other immigrants from other countries would have the same experience. Thus, she interviewed four people of different ages who all came from a country where they had experienced war. Based on their answers the artist created different art works.

To retell their stories she designed art which included audio as well as visual elements. The four exhibited projects were a wallpaper that retells the story of an Afghani, kaleidoscopes which represent the journey of an Irani, a 3D light box that illuminates the immigration process from El Salvador, and lastly, tree posters that narrate the story of a Croatian.

12277136_1005215259541199_963632526_nThe kaleidoscopes were first made with cardboard. But the commitee wanted it to look more real, so she used real pipes. When she finished building these she brought them to a person who colored them for her. The objects inside, that make it a kaleidoscope, are cutouts from acrylic sheets. Each of them is a symbol that represents one part of the story. There were four kaleidoscopes including the topics home, war, transit (way to America), and finally America. These kaleidoscopes present a chronological process of immigration. Besides the kaleidoscope the wallpaper is the favorite piece of the artist. It is made out of fabric, a safe material used in panels, so that the viewer can’t see where it starts and ends. The wallpaper included button for the viewer to listen to the immigration story behind. It is completely designed after the story’s background and will go to the interviewee after the gallery ends.

The posters represented a chronological journey of the immigration process from Croatia. The first one pictures war, which is the reason to come to America which is illustrated in the second poster with advertised buildings. The last poster shows the time in college at Mississippi State where the person felt very alone and got eventually homesick. All posters were first hand drawn and then revised through Photoshop.


This gallery was a step by step process. Each semester Ahrar thought about her projects. She showed her work to the commitee who had to approve it. All in all, it took the artist three years to finish this gallery in which only four out of twelve projects made it in.

Week 13 – Classmate Converstion -Geraldine Meono

12278002_1005215266207865_375725534_nThis week I interviewed Geraldine Meono. Geraldine is currently a junior at CSULB where she spend all years of her college career. She only lives 30 minutes away from the campus, so she is commuting every day. It’s going to be nice for her to have a break from driving for a week; thanks to our Thanksgiving Break.

Gerladine majors in Sociology. She told me she wants to have a career on the business side of it. That means she hopes to be able to do the marketing for certain people.

Her hobbies are eating, especially hamburgers and fries, and hiking. She also likes watching movies, but like me she hates horror movies. Another thing she absolutely loves is going to music festivals. She hopes that one day she will be going to Coachella; apperently this is a big festival that isn’t too far away from home. Her favorite music is hip hop, pop, reggae and anything from Taylor Swift. One more fun fact about Geraldine: she loves turtles and even has on for the last five years already. I thought that was funny because my roommate always tells me that I have a turtle face. Whatever that means.

If you thik Geraldine sounds like a person who is worth it to get to know more about then check out her website.

Week 12 – Artist Conversation – Christopher Linquata

12242209_1002322323163826_1114901968_nChristopher Linquata is a 38-year-ols artist who is in his last year at Long Beach State University. This week’s gallery was practically his senior thesis. His paintings are all representational. Some of his ideas behind the works are based religious or mythological stories. Furthermore, he got inspired by the early renaissance as well as street art but he was also looking a other painters in the masters program. The artist was looking around Long Beach to find inspiration for the settings in his pictures.

Linquata used acrylic for all of his paintings. His biggest work took him four months to finish but it definitely depends on the size of the end product. The artist took an extra one and a half months for each painting to prepare for it. Something that stood out to me was that all paintings were set at the water with people sitting on stone.

12243712_1002322396497152_707766796_n 12243758_1002322369830488_735307996_n 12272900_1002367793159279_876470652_n

Death of Christo                               Epic Battle                                   Pastoral Scene

12248668_1002322383163820_1924415430_n 12248805_1002322343163824_1586361745_n

Garden of San Pedro                                      Duke of Sicily & Duchess of Crete

In my opinion, if you didn’t know that these paintings are having a religious backround you would never associate them with their titles. Probably because they remind me more of my stay in Long Beach rather than of any biblical stories. But because of the titles the viewer gains more knowledge of what is actually happening in these pictures. For me, all of these pictures remind me of the setting of Venice Beach where we had to do our graffiti. I guess the reason is because of the many graffiti in the paintings.

If you think Christopher’s art is worth to check it out more you can take a look at his Instagram: @icon5350

Week 12 – Classmate Conversation – Matt Carder

12270085_1002322326497159_84777300_nThis week I had the priviledge to interview Matt Carder. He already interviewd someone else but he was so kind to let me ask him some questions. Matt is in his junior year at the Beach majoring in mechanical engineering. He decided to take an profession in that field four years ago and now he plans to work for an aerospace company or a auto manufacturer. His dad was a mechanic, so he has been around cars a lot which helped him develop his love for mechanical stuff.

Matt is from Mohave, California which is apparently about 2 hours away from our campus. Thus, he had to live in the dorms his first year but he lives in an appartment since sophomore year. His hobbies are snowboarding, playing football and baseball , working out, and pretty much everything that takes place outdoors. When I told him I was about to do the Hollywood hike he said that he has kind of done that. He and his parents made it half way up until his parents decided to go back. Poor Matt!

The question of the week was which color calmes you and which one excites you. He looked a little helpless at me because the colors are just colors for him. He didn’t really notice any reaction to any color yet. But he’d say that his favorite color is red and white would probably calm him since it is unstained. If you think Matt sounds like a person who is worth to look into a little more you should check out his website.

Week 11 – Activity – Fiber Art

12231279_999576950105030_629222281_nThe activity for this week was creating a wall hanging of fiber art. That means you do anything with fiber: color it, cut it, or whatever you can think of. I saw my opportunity when I was studying and the people from the common room just started doing tie-dying. I thought of my assignment and joind themby coloring a pair of socks.

12207835_999563420106383_2080017754_nAt first I had to humidify the socks, so that they can take in the color even better. After that you put the ties on the spots you want them to be and start putting the color on the socks. I chose a mix of blue and purple colors because I thought that might not look too bad. And after you’re done you just put them in a bag.

12231653_999563413439717_1942584214_nTo be honest, I was quite busy the next few days. So, instead of leaving the socks in the bag for one day I left them there for several. But I’m pretty sure it still worked out. Anyway, I took of the ties and saw that there were no white spots left. That was dissappointing. I didn’t even have to put the ties in there. But in my opinion, the socks still look kind of cool.

Having finished the tie-dying I created my wall hanging. Well, I’m a broke college-student, so I had to improvise a little. I took a hanger and put my socks on it. But that looked very boring. In order to make it look more exciting I added some features to it: sunglasses, a Hawaiian necklace and a Greek olive-crown. The end result actually looked very nice and had a relaxed flair to it; probably because of the glasses and the necklace. All in all, I have to say I’m proud of my art.