That’s me, Nele

Hello world,

just so that you know who you’re dealing with here are some things about me.

My name is Nele Barber and I am currently starting my junior year at Long Beach State. My previous two years at Marquette for sure flew by. I’m studying film and I really think that I am in the right spot do get the best out of it. Hopefully after I am done with college I will be able to start a career in film even though I wouldn’t mind to play professional volleyball for a few years. I’ll just see what surprises life has for me. As you can see I enjoy spending my time with movies and sports, but I also like reading which is similar to watching something. Otherwise, I am a big fan of sleeping and eating good foods. Those two make it hard sometimes to get my priorities straight. That’s it about me for now. I’m sure during the next couple of weeks you will get to know a little more about me.



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