My Instagram experience

For my art class we were supposed to post four pictures on Instagram on Thursday, September 10. Below you can see the pictures that I took throughout the day and posted. Personally, I like them all a lot.
For the first picture I have visited the Japanes Garden that is located on campus right next to our dorm and I think it is beautiful. In the second image you can see the Pyramid. It’s our main gym and home of my practices and games. You could say it’s my second home right now. The third one shows my friends that I have made in my art class. They’re great. From the left to the right you can see me, Emily, Andrea and Aidan. And then the last one; oh I love this one! That’s me and my friend Sammee from my team after we won a tough match against Loyola Marymount University.

image (1)image (2) image (3) image

All in all, many pictures that were posted by all students from the class showed similar images. When students still had classes, lot of pictures from campus were posted, including my pictures of the Japanese Garden and the Pyramid. Since we visited a diversity galleries for class many students posted pictures of the presented artworks. But once school ended for most students the images showed lots of differences. Some people posted pictures of their pets while others preferred food. Others showed what they were doing after school or with whom they were hanging out with. In my opinion it definitely feels like a community when people posted picture while still being on campus. I think the similar motives of many pictures support this claim. Once their day pursued the motives changed since we all have different lives. That’s being said, go and enjoy the great moment of your life.


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