Meet Emily Snyder

In this week’s class I met Emily Snyder, a freshman who came all the way from Mitchell, Nebraska. Compared to her former place of residence, a little town with 1500 inhabitants, Long Beach seems to be a lot different to her. She told me that there are so many more people here that you can meet and get to know which is barely astonishing when you keep in mind that even our campus alone holds 22 times as much people as her home town. Despite the different in size Emily also mentioned that she enjoys the California weather a lot more than the Nebraska weather, which can be really hot in the summer but also very cold in the winter. I agree with her; who doesn’t like to feel the warmth of the sushine on the skin all year around? Another difference she noticed is that in contrast to Long Beach it is usual in Nebraska to greet people, no matter if you know them or not. That must be some kind of Midwest phenomenon because I experienced the same when I studied two years in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

image (4)All her thoughts give us some idea about who Emily is but let’s get to know a bit more of her. As I already mentioned, she is a freshman who wants to get a degree in international business. Since she has always been interested in fashion and analyzing it she is minoring in fashion merchandising. After college she hopes to be an international buyer in the fashion industry. Her other hobbies are playing guitar and piano, which I think is really cool, and golfing. Emily started golfing in her freshman year of high school and since then she has won the 3rd place in the State Championship. Congratulations, that’s awesome!

Emily has one older sister, who now lives in Colorado, and one younger brother. She has European roots since her mother is French and her dad also has some kind of European origin. Apprently Emily looks also French according to one of her friends who has been in France. I can’t really tell. For me she could also come from Germany or a different country. What do you think?

That’s all I got about Emily so far. If you want to get to know more about her and how she is doing in class you can also visit her webpage under

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