Sculptures by Nick Bamford

image (5)Right next to me you can see the artist Nick Bamford. He is a student at Long Beach State University and on Thursday 9/10/15 he presented his show of artwork. It took place in the Max L. Gatov East Gallery where he showed eight sculptures that he created within the last 2 months. His artworks were all created on an individual construction that he built from random materials. These constructions were then covered in cement and plaster. Most of his sculptures showed people or body parts in different motions and emotions. For instance, his show included a hand, a person’s head and a guy playing guitar (all are shown below). All of his sculptures look raw which probably happened because of the  material he used. I asked him how he held the liquid cement in place so that it stayed where it was supposed to be. His answer: “It’s a secret.” Some people could say that the sculptures also look unfinished since not everything is covered in cement. But I think this is part of the art when you can still see a little of the construction beneath. Or if I would sy it with Bamford’s words: “Nothing really needs to be finished.”

Each sculpture took him one to two days to make and they all have some personal meaning for the artist which he didn’t want to share with me. Mainly, he started creating these scuptures to challenge himself but also to express himself. He started building without a plan and he didn’t want to achieve anything specific. The more the scultptures developed the more he focused on the gestures while the facial expressions, which look all different from piece to piece, just happened through the process of working with liquid cement.

The pieces don’t have specific names since Bamford wanted to leave them open for interpretation. I am pretty sure that I interpreted all sculptures differently than other people. The hand, for example, kind of reminded me of my mum because once she was illustrating the pictures for a book in which the reader followed the story of a hand which was not connected to a body. The guitar playing sculture reminded me of the time when I learned to play guitar and the passion you need to have to be able to play it. And the face actually scared me a little bit. It looked like something froma horror movie and I don’t like horror. But even though it scared me it was still a very impressive sculpture. In general, his entire show was set up well and the sculptures were quite remarkable.

image (7) image (8)image (6)

If you are interested in Nick Bamford’s art you can follow him on Instagram under

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