Graffiti in Venice Beach

This week’s activity was to make a graffiti, so I left campus to go to Venice Beach with my lovely friends Andrea Casamitjana and Emily Snyder.

image (22)

No worries folks, everything we did was legal. We went to the Venice Beach Legal Art Walls  where anyone can show of their graffiti artworks. To keep it simple, each one of us was painting their name on the wall. Beforehand, we had to figure out how to make the spray work. Since no one of use ever did that before we probably looked like some wannabe-sprayers (which we technically are). But once we figured that out we were good to go.

image (21)It is actually a lot of fun and the result looked better than expected. You spray whatever you want to. The closer you get to the wall the more control you have about where the color lands and the further away you are the color gets spreaded more. I figured out that you have to repaint each spot, so that you’re actually able to see it clear; especially if you spray over another existing graffiti. At the end I could eternize myself at the Venice Beach Legal Art Walls or at least until someone else sprays over my artwork.

So what do you thing about my “creative” graffiti? It for sure was a fun experience.

image (23)


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