Meet Zeida Gonzales

I had a great conversation with Zeida. She is a 21-year-old student from L.A. With this semester she is starting her fourth year of college, even though it is only her third year at Long Beach State. She told me that she had to take one year off of studying. Zeida is the eldest of seven siblings; all girls besides her one brother who is the yougest. She told me that she is really close with each one of them, but even though she is commuting to campus she barely sees them due to school and work.

Really interesting for me was that Zeida is also a film major. Who would have thought? One day, she met somebody from a special effects and make-up department whose wife works for Universal. And when she saw that there is so much more behind the film industry she fell in love with it. Her first major was about working with ultrasound in the hospital but after a while she couldn’t imagine being in a hosptal everyday; so she switched into studying film. Who can blame her?

wpid-img_2797I asked her “does art matter?” Zeida’s answer was that it matters in deed a lot. She said “How can we live in a world full of robots such as doctors and engineers?” In fact, according to Zeida, everything we do is art, whether you are a doctor working on a surgery or creating a bridge as an engineer.

Like I said I had a great conversation with her, so that I actually forgot to take a picture. Thus, I just went to her website and found this cool picture of her.

If you think she sounds like an interesting person (which she definitely is) just visit her webpage.

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