Week 5 – Artist Conversation – Kiyomi Fukumi

image (25)I visited Kiyomi Fukumi’s gallery this past week which was called Reminiscing Remnants and exhibited in the Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery. Her art pieces are basically made out of tea accessories as well as food and liquids. Kiyomi is a grad student at Long Beach completing her last year of college. Her major is print making but she wants to make and teach art as well; both of them create a challenge that she likes to master. She is origially from Japan which influences her art.

All her art pieces at the gallery were made at tea parties with her friends. When she realized that accidents of spilling tea can design creations of a different type of art Fukumi painted the paper with juices made from food and asked people to spill tea on purpose. The result is individual tea costers that look like art made on purpose madde by remnants and traces. Often they paper got ripped since it couldn’t absorb any more liquid. The colors faded on the spots where the liquids hit the paper which creates a beautiful effect.

image (28)Fukumi’s art is about life.  The artist started making tea with her partner. Once her mother died she had a hard time dealing with this loss. She was hosting tea parties and had conversations which left remnants. She liked how these remnants remembered her of how it is to have a talk to people without facing the the challenge of uncomfortable topics. Eventually she collected the remains.

The shape of the paper is supporting the topic of life since most of the papers are circles which typically symbolize life. Most of her art works are made with red color because this color represents the essence of life: blood. I think it was an important way for Fukumi to get over her loss in a meaningful way. Every piece has and individual memory behind it’s surface which makes them so valuable for the artist.

image (26)

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