Week 5 – Classmate Conversation – Andrea Casamitjana

For this week I want to introduce you to Andrea Casamitjana. Just like me she is also an international student. She was born in Madrid, Spain, and lived there till her junior year of high school. After that she moved to California. Since she comes from outside of the US she does not only speak English, but also Spanish (she better does), and she can understand parts of the French and Italian language.

image (24)She is very active in her free time. Andrea played volleyball for four years in her high school what makes me a big fan. But she also played basketball and lacrosse. Andrea loves to dance and she recently tried out for the salsa team of CSULB. Hopefully it worked out!

Another huge hobby of her is acting. Acting is also the main reason why she wants to study film here. So, basically her major is her back-up in case her acting career does not lead anywhere. But I’ll kee my fingers crossed that she will be a successful actress. Andrea already gained experience for acting in her high school when she played in a musical but she has also take an acting class in LA for a year. I think this is a good basis to take-off her career. So, keep an eye on her, maybe you’ll see her in a comedy, the genre she likes most.

When I asked her about what she is swimming in, meaning what has become part of her life without even noticing it, the she said that she is living in a dual reality. It’s almost like a double-life. When she wakes up she believes she is in Spain but she’s still here in California. Since she is always going back and forth she often gets confused about where she is; something that I can rely to very well. When she is going back to Spain, everything is still the same as it has been before but it is also so different to her life in California which makes her identities feel unreal.

I’m very happy that I got the chance to meet Andrea. She is an awesome person and if you want to get to know a little more about her then check out her website!

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