Week 5 – Activity – Ethnography

image (29)For this week’s activity we are supposed to spend an entire night without electricity just like how our ancestors did a couple of decades ago. That means no light, no phones, no laptops or anything else like that between sunset and sunrise.

Until sunset it was not that big of a problem but once the sun disappeared it’s hard to live without electricity. I noticed that I’m not a big fan of having nothing to do in the dark. It can be very creepy, especially when your friends tell you scary stories before. So, I decided to spend this time in my room because I thought this is the place where I cann the use of electricity the most. Outside I would be enjoying the light of street lantern, music of others and other things.

My roommate couldn’t afford participating in that experiement since she had to do homework. So, in order to not see any light from her laptop I was putting on my eye mask. I noticed that when you have nothinng to do you get the most random thoughts. I kept distracting my roommate by asking some weird questions like: “Do blind people get tired more easily than me?” I mean once it gets dark I’m automatically getting tiredand I was wondering how it is for those that can’t see sunlight. That sounds like a pretty mean question, but I can’t help my thoughts. I’m weird I guess. Eventually, after I got overwhelmed by my thoughts I felt asleep.

It was actually hard to fulfill this experiment because we are so used to using electricity. It’s like we got almost dependent of it. So, unless I’m not extremely tired I probably won’t do that in the next time.

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