Week 6 – Artist Conversation – Anahid Malek-Stephanians and Dawn Derry

image (39) image (33) image (32) image (40)

When I walked in this week’s Dutzi Gallery I could see some paintings made by Stephanians and Derry. I was especiaally taken with Anahid’s painting that represent the four seasons. Thus, there were four art pieces called “Spring,” “Summer,”  “Fall” and “Winter.” All of them were painted with oil on canvas which is the material that Stephanians is most comfortable with. The artist told me that oil never really dries, so in case she would want to change something in her painting she still could. Anahid started painting when she got to see the Mona Lisa which she was fascinated with. The lines of the pintings are not structured at all and the colors represent the particular season.

image (31)Stephanians (on the left) wanted to express her point of view of the nature in a abstract way. Thus, it’s the shapes, colors and textures that are the main focus of each painting. The artist wanted to share memories of different places or photos from magazines that she has special connection to. Through the exhibition of her artworks Stephanians wanted to make others see and enjoy the beauty of nature.

The paintings got presented on cantrary sides of the gallery, Spring and Summer on the one side and Fall and Winter on the other. Alone this structure gives the viewer a feeling that the paintings are distince from each other. And then obviously the colors of each painting reflects the atmosphere of its season. Summer is hold in red tones which represent the hotness during that time while Winter was painted in a cool blue tone. The colors have a huge effect. Since the paintings are abstract srtworks every viewer can interpret in a different way. Thus, I see the Winter painting as a lot of snow and ice, maybe an area for ice skating. The painting of Summer gives me a feeling of being at a lake during a sunset. But as I said, the paintings leave the viewer with their own interpretation.

If you are interested in more of Stepgnians’ and Derry’s art you can contact them through email under: Dawn_Derry@yahoo.com

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