Week 6 – Classmate Conversation – Anthony Simeone

For this week’s classmate conversation I got to know Anthony Simeone. Anthony is a junior who originally comes from San Diego. Being relatively close to home he can maintain a good relationship to his siblings which include one older sister and one younger one as well as his younger brother. He studies mechanical engineering which is the result of his joy for building things. When he was younger, Anthony built rockets just for fun and he hopes to be able to continue this hobby while earning money doing it.

img_65771When Anthony isn’t busy building some incredible things you can probably find him playing for the rugby club team of CSULB or in the gym where he does his daily workouts. Other hobbies are surfing and snowboarding. Looks like California is the right spot for him since he can do anything he wants to do in a relatively close distance. You can see he loves sports and he for sure looks like it.

The topic of the week was “the emotion of color,” so I asked him what associations he has with different colors. With red he connects basically love and romance. When I met him on Thursday he was mainly wearing red clothes; if that meant anything? Anthony associated the ocean to the color blue, which is reasonable since he loves to surf in the ocean. Green is a peaceful color for him that he connects to nature and yellow is really bright making it a color that keeps him up.

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