Week 6 – Activity – Identity Art/Periscope

image (1)Our activity for this week was to watch and broadcast on Periscope for 60 minutes each. In my opinion, publishing a live stream is a lot different than posting a picture. When I tried to broadcast I didn’t really know what to do or what to talk about. So, it was probably pretty boring. I ended up having one follower. But when this person saw Aidan from class in my video this person left the stream. I’m pretty sure that was just a coincidence but I think it’s a lot funnier to say it’s Aidan’s fault. I ended up streaming my conversation with Aidan and how Hannah (a girl from my suite) did her laundry. There was a lot going on in my suite when I streamed. Many people were walking in and gathering in groups.

imageWatching other people was really boring for me. Since I didn’t know any of them I couldn’t establish a personal relationship with them and I didn’t really care about their stream. It’s really questionable how people can spend their time watching others. I would do something better with my time than watching random people. I think it might be interesting if you have an idol that you want to follow, like a superstar. But otherwise I would do something more interesting.

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