Week 7 – Activity – Ephemeral Art

12077524_10205260600378954_406656285_n    This week’s activity was to take a picture on snapchat and by using coloring tool we were supposed to illustrate it. In my pictures I was just having fun and added stick men to the image that were doing some activities on the gallery objects. In my opinion, this addition gave the picture a different touch; mine were funnier. 12081450_10205260600418955_459399349_n

Emily added a character that would actually not really fit in the picture. But she got reminded of Spngebob Squarepants when she saw a plant that almost looked like a pineapple. This way, the receiver of this picture can see what Emily had to think of when she sees particular things in real life. Andrea send me a snap while watching TV. Through her drawing I assumed that she loves the show that was on in that moment. So, basically through our additions to photos we are not only getting entertained but we can also learn something about the other person. There was no real conversation going on. It was more about thing we thought were funny or impressive in another way and that we wanted to share with each other.12076979_10205260600498957_396223807_n image (2)

While our conversations didn’t include a real dialogue I’ve had other “conversation” through pictures that built up on each other. Thus, it is a different way of communicating. That’s what I like about snapchat. You can communicate with others by giving pictures a more special meaning through included drawings and text. I think it’s a lot more fun to communicate with others this way than only sending a text or just having a picture on Instagram. By comparing our Snapchat activity to our Periscope and Instagram activity I realized that they’re all a form of communicating and expressing oneself. But I definitely like Snapchat and Instagram more than Periscope since I have more control about my content.

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