Week 7 – Classmate Conversation – Albert Haddad

This week I want to introduce you to Albert Haddad. He is a freshman who studies civil engineering hoping to be able to work for metro after college. He told me that Metro is a company that builds freeways but it also does some other things that I can’t remember. You wonder how he got the idea of being a civil engineer? Well, when he was younger he got many cardboard boxes and built freeways and bridges for his toy cars. For graduating he needs to take a lot of math classes which are apparently really hard and a lot of work. Our art class is a nice change to that.12067398_10205260600458956_862081942_n

Even though Albert is from Long Beach he is still dorming on campus. He loves eating, watching TV, and hanging out with his friends. Another activity that he loves doing is just talking some walks because he loves to explore new things. He already has explored downtown of LA as well as many restaurants and high houses through their roof access. With his hobby of walking around he makes up for his lack of physical activity in sports since he told me that he is really bad at sports. Apparently he can’t even swim which I think is really funny because he has lived near the beach all his life.

Our question of the week was: if you had to dye your hair what color would you choose and why? Albert answered that he would probably dye all his hair red and the tips would be black. Honestly, I can’t really imagine how that would look like on him. His reason for that choice is that he can get annoyed easily and the red hair makes him look angry. Maybe he wants to intimidate others before they get the chance to annoy him.

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