Week 7 – Artist Conversation – Jane Weibel

image (3)Jane Weibel, a 30 year-old artist from CSULB, published her gallery this week. It took place in the Gatov-West Gallery and when you entered you had the feeling of being on a playground.

She worked a lot with ceramics and created constructions that reminded her of her childhood. The different objects are very colorful which gives it all childish feeling. The gallery included a wide variety of art pieces from swings to a sleigh to a piece that looks like the construction of a house. While many of these objects are identifiable some of them are abstract.12092413_10205260600658961_1077399317_n

Not too long ago one of Weibel’s family members past away. That resulted in Jane looking back to her memories. She rediscovered pictures from when she was a child and thinks that she remembers these moments quite vividly. But after reading a study that the human brain rewrites memories every time we think of them she thought that all her childhood is based on something that hasn’t even happened the way she remembers. That gave her quite an anxiety. The art pieces that she showed in her gallery are representative objects from her earliest memories that she want to cherish. These objects make her memories real and give her the feeling of knowing that these memories actually happened the way she remembers.

12067273_10205260600618960_887151509_nWeibel was very creative when she was a child. Within her 20s this creativity got a little lost, so she decided to go back to school to study art. Each piece in the gallery took her about 2 weeks since she had to create it through ceramics and fiber, which she could shape the way she wanted to, and then fire it, so that it becomes permanent. In general, it took Weibel two months to get ready to publish her pieces.

Color plays an important role. Some pieces are paler, others are brighter. Pale objects are a little more fuzzy in her memory while bright ones represent a more direct memory. Some works are abstract which makes it more personal to the artist. By showing her art to the public Weibel wants people to reflect on their memories and their childhood, so that they can hold on to them. She stated that not too long ago we were different people and by rethinking our memories we can reflect on that. In my opinion, her goal of others reflecting their memories definitely worked out. When I was in the room I felt like I was back on a playground. I thought back to childhood memories that I haven’t thought about in a long time.

If you think Jane Weibel’s art is interesting and you want to get to know more about it you can visit her Instagram page under @Janemargarette.

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