Week 8 – Classmate Conversation – Serina Khoury

imageThis week I am going to introduce you to Serina Khoury. Something I think is really funny is that she is the cousin of Albert Haddad, my classmate that I interviewed last week.  And she told me that even one of her sisters is going to CSULB as well. How exciting is that? Besides that, I love that Serina is a huge fan of volleyball. When she was in high school she played it under the libero position. Besides volleyball she loves going to the beach and hanging out with friends and family. Good that some of her family members are also going here even though the rest of her family isn’t far away either since Serina is originally from Redondo Beach.

Serina is already studying here her second year. Her major: human development. Once she is done with college she is planning to be a physician assistant. Who knows, maybe she can treat my sore muscles, or we will just be playing volleyball together. Anyway, she wants to stay in California to start her career here. And why not? I men it’s pretty nice here according to my experience.

The question of the week was: How do the galleries relate to your personal experience? And I think that she gave a good answer. Serina said that she likes how all the artist have their own stories to tell through their art. And she has her own stories to tell and to express. That’s it about Serina. If you think that sounds pretty interesting you should visit her website.

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