Week 8 – Artist Conversation – Rhiannon Aarons

image (1)This week I visited the Gatov-West Gallery and saw some art pieces by Rhiannon Aarons. Aarons is currently a MFA student who had one of her many exhibitions this week. She has been an artist since she was 17 and besides only painting by herself she has also taught people with disabilities how to paint. In her exhibition she showed some of her art works that mainly show skeletons.

image (3) image (2)

Aarons got inspired by anatomy books and museums. She was especially taken by the book The Clitoral Truth, a book about the female flaws. This book used wood engravings to illustrate its meaning. According to Aarons she likes anything weird, thus it created a challenge for her to create prints of female skeletons herself. The artist used the drypoint method; “a method of intaglio printing that creates marks that fade slightly, due to the matrix wearing down each printing” (Aarons’ artist statement). By exhibiting her art Aarons tries to share things that noone else usually sees and she wants people to look more closely.

Personally, I think that her art pieces depict bodies that are a mix of human and animal. In the pictures above the creatures have a very long spine but no extremities. It’s more the skull and the the thorax that give the creatures a human touch. Since it doesn’t depict anything specific it kind of looks terifying in my opinion which is supported by the exhibition of skeletons. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that the art pieces are not good. They are very interesting to look at. And once you know that it is supposed to depict female creature you can even see some correlation with female elements even though I cannot really tell what it is.

If you think Aarons’ art is worth to take another look at you can check it out under: http://rhiannonaarons.com/

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