Week 8 – Activity – Somebody

For this week’s activity we could decide whether we wanted to write about someone elses blog or use the app Somebody. I decided to try out this other app. It’s an app which you use to tell something to someone when ou are not around. Differently than Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp or just a normal text the receiver gets this message through a different person. That means I could ask a random person to read a specific text to my friend.

So, I wanted to try that out and convinced some people from my team to be part of this experiment. It’s quite funny but also really awkward. One of my teammates asked me to give Aidan, my class- and suitemate, a hug because she felt like they havennt seen each other in a long time. And even though we knew each other it was kind of weird. I cannot imagine how it would be if the people don’t even know each other just like in the video we saw in class. But it is a really cute idea for a group of friends that knows each other well. The only thing that might be annoying is that messages won’t be “secret anymore because you have at least one other person knowing about the content of the interaction.

image (9) image (7) image (8)

In my opinio it is completely different than Instagram, Periscop and Snapchat. While these three apps are more about broadcasting and publishing moments of your life, Somebody is more about an actual interaction between people. The similarity of those apps is that each one of them trys to convey a message in some way. Two of them use pictures and text, another one a live stream to reach its goal, while Somebody uses other people around. But Somebody is for sure the app that is different the most to the others.

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