Week 9 – Artist Conversation – Eugenio Michelini

image (11)During this week’s gallery I met a European fella: Eugenio Michelini from Italy. He is 45 years old and currently studies ceramics at CSULB. Michelini was fascinated how you can make the same pieces multiple time even though each single one can hold little differences that distinguishes it from the others. His work was a piece of mostly porcelainĀ that portraits a pond with fish, lotus and citrus. In addition, he included some little lamps that lit up the lotus and the citrus. The underlay was made out of dry wall which got covered with plaster paint and acrylic to give it its color. The fish figures were also painted with acrylic which resulted in this bright color. In contrast, the citrus and lotus got painted with color that lost its brightness once it was fired. This happened because the pigments burned off in this high temperature. Thus, it happened that the color pink looked more white in the end result. In general, many colors changes a lot.

image (12)Michelini’s inspiration was one of his memories. When he was on the countryside there was a little pond surrounded by citrus and lotus. He remembers this moment very vividly and thus, he built a reconstruction of it which creates a beautiful memory for Michelini. Michelini’s interpretation of his art is that he created a a piece that holds on to that memory while other memories are subject to change. According to him, even our choices we make in life are based on our memories and thus, he created a reconstruction in order to remember his choices. Thus, he used mainly porcelain which also portraits a sense of memory for him.

As audience we don’t know how his memory was like but through his art we get a sense of it. The way it got exhibited it gives us a sense of peace. It was a dark room that got enlightened by soft lights that shine through the porcelain. These lights also reveal the little differences between pieces that look mostly the same. Without it, the entire art piece would look frozen. Another component to make it look more alive is the composition of the objects. These objects are interchangeable but Michelini chose this composition in order to give his work more dynamic.

It took Michelini five months to finish his art piece and after the gallery is over he wants to sell it at the CSULB Christmas sale. If you are interested in his art you can either purchase some of his pieces at this Christmas sale or you can look him up on Facebook under Eugenio Michelini.

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