Week 9 – Classmate Conversation – Grace Kim

I interviewed Grace Kim for this week’s classmate conversation. Grace is a senior in her last semester and I bet thinking back she wonders where time has gone. She is from the Los Angeles area which means she has to commute everyday to school which wouldn’t be too bad if there wouldn’t be any traffic issues. But unfortunately there are and it can take her up to 1,5 hours to get to school. Obviously, she doesn’t like that. But luckily she only has to do that for the rest of the semster and then she is hopefully not deendentĀ on her car that often anymore.

image (10)Something really interesting about Grace is that she is very interested in languages. Currently she studies Chinese here at CSULB with the goal to pursue her master in Shanghai. If you think Chinese is already pretty difficult to learn then take this in: Grace does not only speak English and Chinese, but also Korean and Arabic. And according to Grace, Arabic is even harder to learn than Chinese. You can see that Grace is clearly fascinated into lnguages; she sees them as windor to other cultures. A pretty interesting view point if you ask me. She not only wants to get her masters in China but she also hope to open her business there since China is currently the booming country in pretty much everything.

Our question of the week was: Based on what you have seen in the galleries, what is your favorite type of art? Grace answered that she really liked the art where artists worked with elderly and disabeled people. These people might have some difficulties with expression but through art it gives them some whole new opportunities. She especially likes that artists are giving back to the community with that kind of work.

If you think Grace sounds like an interesting person you can check out her blog to get to know more about her.

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