Week 9 – Activity – Transmedia Storytelling

During this week we were supposed to create some kind of story through social media. So, I teamed up with my classmates Andrea and Emily. We thought it would be funny pretending to be animals instead real people. It’s just something different when you give animals a voice. Thus, I pretended to be a dog from Africa that looks like a lion. Obviously I had to choose a name that fits my look and I turned to “The Lion King” for ideas. In the end I decided to give my dog character the name Mufasa. Andrea pretended to be a baby named Valeria who is from Argentina¬†while Emily personalized a cat called Pippa who is supposed to be from Paris, France. We all have the same owners/parents who own different houses in these particular locations. So, that is our connection.

Unbenannt3Our two social media sites were Facebook and Twitter. We didn’t have any specific goals, we just wanted to interact with each other and show how much we like each other even though we are from different species. So, we just kept posting stuff that came into our minds and then answered to the posts. On Facebook an actual conversation developed, maybe because it’s more about staying in touch with other while twitter is more about updating others.


All in all, I probably wasn’t the biggest fan of this activity mainly because I don’t like pretending to be someone else. It kind of reminded me of catfishing others even though we made up completely new characters instead of pretending to be an existing one. And it also was a lot of work to keep up the existence of an imaginery character.

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