Week 10 – Classmate Conversation – Milagros Herrera

image (17)This week I met Milagros Herrera but she goes by Millie. I really like her nickname because it reminds me of my sister whose name is Milli. Anyways, Millie is currently a junio at Long Beach State with a major in marketing. When I asked her what she likes about marketing she answered that she likes the advertising part of it. She would love to work in representing a company by including her own ideas for its design. In Millie’s opinion she can’t always stick with the same design, so she wants to do something that changes or otherwise she would get bored. Another factor she likes about this major is the work with social media. I mean who wouldn’t want to earn money by spending time on some social platforms?

Despite marketing she could also see herself teaching children. She doesn’t really know yet what she likes more. It kind of scares her to make such a big decision for her life. I completely understand her because it’s terifying to think about chosing an area of interest that we’re supposed to work in for the rest of our careers. Millie currently commutes to school from home which is about 20 minutes away from campus. Her biggest hobby is to play soccer and when she is done doing taht she loves to take a nap.

The question of the week was: If you could chose any country in the world which one would you most like to visit? Millie’s answer was that she’d go to Italy. Her main reason was the food. I have to admit that this is a great reason. Italy has some great food. Another reason she mentioned was that Italians apparently have a break between their working hours in which they can take a nap. And lastly, she thinks that the historical buidlings just fascinate her. In my opinion, these re three pretty good reasons to go to Italy.

If you think Millie sounds like an interesting person you should check her out on her website.

Millie lives at home which is in downtown.

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