Week 10 – Activity – Geocaching

image (14)For this week’s activity I had the priviledge of going on treasure hunt with fellow Germans who were in Long Beach as part of their trip-around-the-world. Because we’re Germans and we like to spend time with each other we spend an hour on Saturday to try out the app geocaching. It basically is an app that shows you the exact coordinates of little thing that other players have hidden.

So, with our phones in our hands to use it as GPS we were walking around campus looking for little treasures. The orange line showed us in what direction we had to walk to and then there was also a number showing how much the object is away from us. It took us some time, but eventually we found one object right at the pyramid. It was a really good place to hide something; thus, it wasn’t me who found it. Once you find an object you can write your name into the logbook which is included in the box, so that others can see who found it before. You can also log into your app that you found it. After finding the first one we decided to look for one more and found it behind a “No Skating” sign at the parking structure. Again, it wasn’t me who found it but the excitement was still there. Within the little boxes there are some small objects and if you’d like you can exchange them. You can use it as souvenir or just keep exchanging objects from treasures. All in all, it was a fun thing to do and who knows, you might end up in places where you haven’t been before.

image (15) image (16) image (13)

I was also hiding a geocaching treasure myself on campus. It is actually really hard to find a good spot for hiding. I mean, you have to hide it, so that others are able to eventually find it but it shouldn’t be to easy, so that simple passengers can just grab it. Keeping that in mind, it was hard to find a good spot but I think eventually I did. I’m not going to tell you where it is, though. You got to figure that out during your next geocaching tour.

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