Week 10 – Artist Conversation – Matthew Dumpit

image (19)This week I just went into the Marilyn Werby Gallery and what I saw was a stunning collection of art. Matthew Dumpit is a senior at CSULB who worked six months to finish his art pieces before the start of his gallery. He has been interested in art since elementary school and he worked his way up from creating drawings to objects. The objects he build are mostly made of metal because it is easy to manipulate and it also serves as great foundation. That includes steal and copper but he also used wood and grass. The most interesting part about the gallery was that it included an interaction of light and shadows. The artist started building the individual pieces and then tried to create their shadows. Thus, he has to figure out where the light has to come from, so that it can take its best effect. Unfortunately, it never works with the first try he said.

image (1)

Dumpit’s Inspiration was his personal practice with lights and shadows as well as the concept of motion and emotion. The kinematics and emotions that are interacting have been in his mind before he started creating each single object. Kinematics refers to the ability to move the little sculptures. The artist often included a little wheel you could turn so that the form changed. Dumpit said that the process of making the objects was the same for each one but the difference was the mechanism behind the movement. None of his art pieces have titles because in Dumpit’s opinion they do not need it. Everyone can have a completely different emotion going on when looking at the art, so a title would only diffuse its pur0pose. The artist mentioned that everything looks different to different people and thus, we have particular interpretations with them. That was Dumpit’s goal: he wanted the people to interact with his art in their own way and take out our own sense of familiarity.

imageI was a big fan of his sculptures because I am fascinated of the game between light and shadow. I think it’s interesting how a tiny change within the object could have a huge impact on the shadow. In my opinion, his goal for everyone to have their own interpretations was achieved since I probably saw different things in the sculptures than other people. For example, in this one picture I see a cat while others might see some other object. So I think his theme of motion and emotion was definitely achieved.

Dumpit does not have an official website yet but if you’re really interested into his art keep an eye open for galleries in downtown because that’s where he is trying to show his art pieces next.

image (18)

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