Week 11 – Activity – Fiber Art

12231279_999576950105030_629222281_nThe activity for this week was creating a wall hanging of fiber art. That means you do anything with fiber: color it, cut it, or whatever you can think of. I saw my opportunity when I was studying and the people from the common room just started doing tie-dying. I thought of my assignment and joind themby coloring a pair of socks.

12207835_999563420106383_2080017754_nAt first I had to humidify the socks, so that they can take in the color even better. After that you put the ties on the spots you want them to be and start putting the color on the socks. I chose a mix of blue and purple colors because I thought that might not look too bad. And after you’re done you just put them in a bag.

12231653_999563413439717_1942584214_nTo be honest, I was quite busy the next few days. So, instead of leaving the socks in the bag for one day I left them there for several. But I’m pretty sure it still worked out. Anyway, I took of the ties and saw that there were no white spots left. That was dissappointing. I didn’t even have to put the ties in there. But in my opinion, the socks still look kind of cool.

Having finished the tie-dying I created my wall hanging. Well, I’m a broke college-student, so I had to improvise a little. I took a hanger and put my socks on it. But that looked very boring. In order to make it look more exciting I added some features to it: sunglasses, a Hawaiian necklace and a Greek olive-crown. The end result actually looked very nice and had a relaxed flair to it; probably because of the glasses and the necklace. All in all, I have to say I’m proud of my art.



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