Week 12 – Artist Conversation – Christopher Linquata

12242209_1002322323163826_1114901968_nChristopher Linquata is a 38-year-ols artist who is in his last year at Long Beach State University. This week’s gallery was practically his senior thesis. His paintings are all representational. Some of his ideas behind the works are based religious or mythological stories. Furthermore, he got inspired by the early renaissance as well as street art but he was also looking a other painters in the masters program. The artist was looking around Long Beach to find inspiration for the settings in his pictures.

Linquata used acrylic for all of his paintings. His biggest work took him four months to finish but it definitely depends on the size of the end product. The artist took an extra one and a half months for each painting to prepare for it. Something that stood out to me was that all paintings were set at the water with people sitting on stone.

12243712_1002322396497152_707766796_n 12243758_1002322369830488_735307996_n 12272900_1002367793159279_876470652_n

Death of Christo                               Epic Battle                                   Pastoral Scene

12248668_1002322383163820_1924415430_n 12248805_1002322343163824_1586361745_n

Garden of San Pedro                                      Duke of Sicily & Duchess of Crete

In my opinion, if you didn’t know that these paintings are having a religious backround you would never associate them with their titles. Probably because they remind me more of my stay in Long Beach rather than of any biblical stories. But because of the titles the viewer gains more knowledge of what is actually happening in these pictures. For me, all of these pictures remind me of the setting of Venice Beach where we had to do our graffiti. I guess the reason is because of the many graffiti in the paintings.

If you think Christopher’s art is worth to check it out more you can take a look at his Instagram: @icon5350


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