Week 12 – Classmate Conversation – Matt Carder

12270085_1002322326497159_84777300_nThis week I had the priviledge to interview Matt Carder. He already interviewd someone else but he was so kind to let me ask him some questions. Matt is in his junior year at the Beach majoring in mechanical engineering. He decided to take an profession in that field four years ago and now he plans to work for an aerospace company or a auto manufacturer. His dad was a mechanic, so he has been around cars a lot which helped him develop his love for mechanical stuff.

Matt is from Mohave, California which is apparently about 2 hours away from our campus. Thus, he had to live in the dorms his first year but he lives in an appartment since sophomore year. His hobbies are snowboarding, playing football and baseball , working out, and pretty much everything that takes place outdoors. When I told him I was about to do the Hollywood hike he said that he has kind of done that. He and his parents made it half way up until his parents decided to go back. Poor Matt!

The question of the week was which color calmes you and which one excites you. He looked a little helpless at me because the colors are just colors for him. He didn’t really notice any reaction to any color yet. But he’d say that his favorite color is red and white would probably calm him since it is unstained. If you think Matt sounds like a person who is worth to look into a little more you should check out his website.


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