Week 13 – Classmate Converstion -Geraldine Meono

12278002_1005215266207865_375725534_nThis week I interviewed Geraldine Meono. Geraldine is currently a junior at CSULB where she spend all years of her college career. She only lives 30 minutes away from the campus, so she is commuting every day. It’s going to be nice for her to have a break from driving for a week; thanks to our Thanksgiving Break.

Gerladine majors in Sociology. She told me she wants to have a career on the business side of it. That means she hopes to be able to do the marketing for certain people.

Her hobbies are eating, especially hamburgers and fries, and hiking. She also likes watching movies, but like me she hates horror movies. Another thing she absolutely loves is going to music festivals. She hopes that one day she will be going to Coachella; apperently this is a big festival that isn’t too far away from home. Her favorite music is hip hop, pop, reggae and anything from Taylor Swift. One more fun fact about Geraldine: she loves turtles and even has on for the last five years already. I thought that was funny because my roommate always tells me that I have a turtle face. Whatever that means.

If you thik Geraldine sounds like a person who is worth it to get to know more about then check out her website.


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