Week 14 – Artist Conversation – Chris Hampton

12336125_1011113965617995_583373249_nIn the Werby Gallery and Dutzi Gallery there was a group exhibition called Figment. In that, several artists presented their work of their BFA, one of them is Chris Hampton. Hampton’s art pieces are photographies featuring the beauty of food. Thus, he combines two of his hobbies, photography and food, to create art that has a bigger meaning to him and should to us, too.


In the photo above we can see Hampton’s pieces. Though his photographs the artist shows how food can bring people together, no matter if it is part of a gellery or if you have real food in front of you. Fact is that food plays an important role in our lives. By bringing people together it plays amajor role in socialization. But food is so much more  than that. It keeps us alive by giving us the nutrients we need to survive and it also defines our culture. Hampton makes it hard to oversee the power of food.

Personally, I love food. But I never really thought about it in a way that it has greater power than just being delicious. Food has the power of keeping people healthy as long as they eat the right stuff. While many people only see the effects of it on our bodies we tend to overlook that it affects our minds too.  Moreover, we often see food as granted. But what would happen if no food would exist anymore? Itsdisappearance could destroy societies. With all that in mind, I will appreciate my food even more than I have before.


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