Week 14 – Classmate Conversation – Danie Guerrero/Aidan Dick

12348225_1011114012284657_145124039_nThis week, my classmate conversation was not just with one other person but more of a triangle conversation. Thus, I talked to Daniel and Aidan. Daniel is currently at junior while Aidan is a freshman. Both of them have spent their entire college career here at CSULB. While Daniel is a biomedical engineer who wants to work in reserch development for prosthetics or chemo therapies, Aidan is a film major. After college, she wants to get a job in the film industry, preferrably in post-production. She also wants to travel the world because she loves traveling. She has already been to England, France, Ireland, Costa Rica, the Bahamas, and Jamaica. Traveling is also a goal for Daniel. Afte college he just wants to get around and take pictures ofwhere he has been. Mainly, he wants to see the the seven world wonders. Both of them love lists. So, if there is a list about “places to see before you die” both of them will be in for that.

Danie likes being outside and being with his friends but his is also a real artist. He loves drawing, especially with pencils. He showed us one of his works and it looked really good. Aidan instead loves writing stand-up comedy. Compared to film this is an immediate release according to her. She got inspired when she was in Amsterdam where she was part of a stand up show.

The question of the week was “What Art has made the biggest impact on your life?” Daniel said that it would probably be pencil drawins since it is one of his greates hobbies. He is especially taken by the pieces with no color that show much detail or that are in 3D. Another art form that made an impact for him is metal sculpting. One of his friends apparently makes really creative and true-to-life pieces. In Aidan’s opinion, movies is the art form that made the most impact in her life. That is probably why she also wants to go into that field.

If you think Aidan and Daniel sound like people that are worth to get to know more you can visit their webpages.


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