Look what I have done

image (13)In last week’s class we were suppoesed to do a plaster sculpture. While most people had the time to go to the beach to do their sculptures I was in Boston to play a tournament.

One week later, eventually I found some time to create a plaster sculpture of my hand. I didn’t have enough time or resources to go to the beach though. So, I had to improvise. I organized to get some sand that I moistened with some water, so that my hand print stays in the sand. The sand itself I put in a box since I needed my bucket to mix the plaster. image (9)

After several tries I managed to get a imprint of my hand that didn’t fall together. It was definitely a little more work than if I would have done it at the beach. I mixed the plaster and poured it slowly into the imprint, hoping that this process wouldn’t ruin all my efforts. After waiting for 35 minutes without being afraid that I could destroy my masterpiece I was finally brave enough to dig it out. The result was actually pretty good considering that this was the first time I have made something like that.But I hope that my actual hand does not look like my sculpture.image (15)

Honestly, I don’t know if I have to do something like that ever again but it was for sure a fun experience. In fact, in the end I had a little too much of the plaster, so that I decided to make another artpiece. My friend, Carly Beddingfield, was brave enough putting her foot in the rest of the plaster and thus, literally leaving a footprint in the world.

image (10)