Week 11 – Artist Conversation – Kathy Yoon

12212419_999516816777710_1615943377_n“So Many Me’s” is the name of the senior show by Kathy Yoon. Kathy is a student at CSULB majoring in cermaics and she had the chance to present her art works in the Merlino-Gallery. The artist got into ceramics accidentally but she loved that she could create things in 3D. It was her first official solo gallery.Within that show she has many figures that represent her feelings and experiences of her life. Yoon plans to go into character design once she is done with college and she wants to work for an entertainment or animation studio. At the same time she hopes to continue with her ceramics.

Yoon has always been interested in making things. In her recent gallery, each individual sculpture stands for a time in her life when a particular emotion took over control of her mind. She started this project about a year ago with ideas and sketches. Since then, each figure took her about 2-3 weeks to finish in avergae. The art pieces are all made out of clay and ceramics and they got fired twice. A couple of the sculptures have an actual story behind them but most of them are mainly about the emotions that she felt during moments of her life. Examples of the emotions that are represented are sadness, frustration, depression and simply being silly. 12226672_999516850111040_716085369_n 12212417_999516886777703_1738917498_n

The artist wants to see if people got a sense of who the artist is and if they can relate to it. For herself it is hard to pick a favorite because they are all so different. But there is one figure that is the closest to her current emotions: the one holding a heart. Personally, I am alwys a big fan of the ways how artists represent their feelings and emotions in art. I know that life is not always going well, but it is also not always bad. Our emotions change, sometimes within from day to day and sometime within seconds. I think expressing your emotions through art is a good way to get through rough times while it reminds you also of the great moments of life.


The artist has an Instagram page. If you’re more interested into her art you should check it out under Kathy.C.Yoon.


Week 11 – Classmate Conversation – Jaclyn Fernandes

This week I want to introduce you to Jaclyn Fernandes aka Jackiee. Jackiee is currently a junior at CSULB (just like me) who just turned 21 (also just like me). So, we are basically the same person. No, I’m just kidding. Here are the differences: She is from the city Bellflower which is about 15 minutes away from campus. Her hobbies are cooking (I like eating more), watching sports on TV (I like doing sports more) and going to concerts and music festivals. Pretty cool activities to spend your time with, don’t you think?

12233585_999516900111035_904840279_nHer major is Sociology but she is lso taking a minor in Hospitality. You’re wondering what she wants to do with that degree? Well, knowing that you basically need to have a degree in something to get a job she uses her time in college to prepare for her plans of becoming a flight attendant. She mainly wants to do the international flights, so that she can also see something from the world at the same time. Jackiee has been flying quite a lot already (to Hawaii and Portugal), so she isn’t afraid of it at all which is pretty important for that job. but you already know that. Anyway, she really hopes to get to Greece one time. Who can judge her? It’s beautiful there.

Our question of the week was: “Are Tattoo’s art? Does it matter if you’re involved in designing a unique tattoo for yourself, or pick one from a book? What tattoo would you get?” According to Jackiee tatoos are definitely art. She said that people who have tattoos unfortunately get judged by their tattoos. In her opinion, they shouldn’t get judged because it’s part of their self-expression. It also doesn’t matter to her if people are involved in the creation process or if they are open to artist ideas. Thus, it doesnt matter if the symbol is from the book or not. Jackiee just said that if something has a special meaning to you, you should just go for it. She, herself, is scared of getting a tattoo because she is afraid of getting addicted to it. But if should would get one it would probably be some words because she doesn’t want to forget who she is (especially now that she is 21). But she thinks that she isn’t cool enough to get a tattoo. Personally, I don’t think so.

If Jackiee sounds like a person you would like to learn more about you should visit her website.

Week 10 – Activity – Geocaching

image (14)For this week’s activity I had the priviledge of going on treasure hunt with fellow Germans who were in Long Beach as part of their trip-around-the-world. Because we’re Germans and we like to spend time with each other we spend an hour on Saturday to try out the app geocaching. It basically is an app that shows you the exact coordinates of little thing that other players have hidden.

So, with our phones in our hands to use it as GPS we were walking around campus looking for little treasures. The orange line showed us in what direction we had to walk to and then there was also a number showing how much the object is away from us. It took us some time, but eventually we found one object right at the pyramid. It was a really good place to hide something; thus, it wasn’t me who found it. Once you find an object you can write your name into the logbook which is included in the box, so that others can see who found it before. You can also log into your app that you found it. After finding the first one we decided to look for one more and found it behind a “No Skating” sign at the parking structure. Again, it wasn’t me who found it but the excitement was still there. Within the little boxes there are some small objects and if you’d like you can exchange them. You can use it as souvenir or just keep exchanging objects from treasures. All in all, it was a fun thing to do and who knows, you might end up in places where you haven’t been before.

image (15) image (16) image (13)

I was also hiding a geocaching treasure myself on campus. It is actually really hard to find a good spot for hiding. I mean, you have to hide it, so that others are able to eventually find it but it shouldn’t be to easy, so that simple passengers can just grab it. Keeping that in mind, it was hard to find a good spot but I think eventually I did. I’m not going to tell you where it is, though. You got to figure that out during your next geocaching tour.

Week 10 – Artist Conversation – Matthew Dumpit

image (19)This week I just went into the Marilyn Werby Gallery and what I saw was a stunning collection of art. Matthew Dumpit is a senior at CSULB who worked six months to finish his art pieces before the start of his gallery. He has been interested in art since elementary school and he worked his way up from creating drawings to objects. The objects he build are mostly made of metal because it is easy to manipulate and it also serves as great foundation. That includes steal and copper but he also used wood and grass. The most interesting part about the gallery was that it included an interaction of light and shadows. The artist started building the individual pieces and then tried to create their shadows. Thus, he has to figure out where the light has to come from, so that it can take its best effect. Unfortunately, it never works with the first try he said.

image (1)

Dumpit’s Inspiration was his personal practice with lights and shadows as well as the concept of motion and emotion. The kinematics and emotions that are interacting have been in his mind before he started creating each single object. Kinematics refers to the ability to move the little sculptures. The artist often included a little wheel you could turn so that the form changed. Dumpit said that the process of making the objects was the same for each one but the difference was the mechanism behind the movement. None of his art pieces have titles because in Dumpit’s opinion they do not need it. Everyone can have a completely different emotion going on when looking at the art, so a title would only diffuse its pur0pose. The artist mentioned that everything looks different to different people and thus, we have particular interpretations with them. That was Dumpit’s goal: he wanted the people to interact with his art in their own way and take out our own sense of familiarity.

imageI was a big fan of his sculptures because I am fascinated of the game between light and shadow. I think it’s interesting how a tiny change within the object could have a huge impact on the shadow. In my opinion, his goal for everyone to have their own interpretations was achieved since I probably saw different things in the sculptures than other people. For example, in this one picture I see a cat while others might see some other object. So I think his theme of motion and emotion was definitely achieved.

Dumpit does not have an official website yet but if you’re really interested into his art keep an eye open for galleries in downtown because that’s where he is trying to show his art pieces next.

image (18)

Week 10 – Classmate Conversation – Milagros Herrera

image (17)This week I met Milagros Herrera but she goes by Millie. I really like her nickname because it reminds me of my sister whose name is Milli. Anyways, Millie is currently a junio at Long Beach State with a major in marketing. When I asked her what she likes about marketing she answered that she likes the advertising part of it. She would love to work in representing a company by including her own ideas for its design. In Millie’s opinion she can’t always stick with the same design, so she wants to do something that changes or otherwise she would get bored. Another factor she likes about this major is the work with social media. I mean who wouldn’t want to earn money by spending time on some social platforms?

Despite marketing she could also see herself teaching children. She doesn’t really know yet what she likes more. It kind of scares her to make such a big decision for her life. I completely understand her because it’s terifying to think about chosing an area of interest that we’re supposed to work in for the rest of our careers. Millie currently commutes to school from home which is about 20 minutes away from campus. Her biggest hobby is to play soccer and when she is done doing taht she loves to take a nap.

The question of the week was: If you could chose any country in the world which one would you most like to visit? Millie’s answer was that she’d go to Italy. Her main reason was the food. I have to admit that this is a great reason. Italy has some great food. Another reason she mentioned was that Italians apparently have a break between their working hours in which they can take a nap. And lastly, she thinks that the historical buidlings just fascinate her. In my opinion, these re three pretty good reasons to go to Italy.

If you think Millie sounds like an interesting person you should check her out on her website.

Millie lives at home which is in downtown.

Week 9 – Activity – Transmedia Storytelling

During this week we were supposed to create some kind of story through social media. So, I teamed up with my classmates Andrea and Emily. We thought it would be funny pretending to be animals instead real people. It’s just something different when you give animals a voice. Thus, I pretended to be a dog from Africa that looks like a lion. Obviously I had to choose a name that fits my look and I turned to “The Lion King” for ideas. In the end I decided to give my dog character the name Mufasa. Andrea pretended to be a baby named Valeria who is from Argentina while Emily personalized a cat called Pippa who is supposed to be from Paris, France. We all have the same owners/parents who own different houses in these particular locations. So, that is our connection.

Unbenannt3Our two social media sites were Facebook and Twitter. We didn’t have any specific goals, we just wanted to interact with each other and show how much we like each other even though we are from different species. So, we just kept posting stuff that came into our minds and then answered to the posts. On Facebook an actual conversation developed, maybe because it’s more about staying in touch with other while twitter is more about updating others.


All in all, I probably wasn’t the biggest fan of this activity mainly because I don’t like pretending to be someone else. It kind of reminded me of catfishing others even though we made up completely new characters instead of pretending to be an existing one. And it also was a lot of work to keep up the existence of an imaginery character.

Week 9 – Artist Conversation – Eugenio Michelini

image (11)During this week’s gallery I met a European fella: Eugenio Michelini from Italy. He is 45 years old and currently studies ceramics at CSULB. Michelini was fascinated how you can make the same pieces multiple time even though each single one can hold little differences that distinguishes it from the others. His work was a piece of mostly porcelain that portraits a pond with fish, lotus and citrus. In addition, he included some little lamps that lit up the lotus and the citrus. The underlay was made out of dry wall which got covered with plaster paint and acrylic to give it its color. The fish figures were also painted with acrylic which resulted in this bright color. In contrast, the citrus and lotus got painted with color that lost its brightness once it was fired. This happened because the pigments burned off in this high temperature. Thus, it happened that the color pink looked more white in the end result. In general, many colors changes a lot.

image (12)Michelini’s inspiration was one of his memories. When he was on the countryside there was a little pond surrounded by citrus and lotus. He remembers this moment very vividly and thus, he built a reconstruction of it which creates a beautiful memory for Michelini. Michelini’s interpretation of his art is that he created a a piece that holds on to that memory while other memories are subject to change. According to him, even our choices we make in life are based on our memories and thus, he created a reconstruction in order to remember his choices. Thus, he used mainly porcelain which also portraits a sense of memory for him.

As audience we don’t know how his memory was like but through his art we get a sense of it. The way it got exhibited it gives us a sense of peace. It was a dark room that got enlightened by soft lights that shine through the porcelain. These lights also reveal the little differences between pieces that look mostly the same. Without it, the entire art piece would look frozen. Another component to make it look more alive is the composition of the objects. These objects are interchangeable but Michelini chose this composition in order to give his work more dynamic.

It took Michelini five months to finish his art piece and after the gallery is over he wants to sell it at the CSULB Christmas sale. If you are interested in his art you can either purchase some of his pieces at this Christmas sale or you can look him up on Facebook under Eugenio Michelini.