Meet Zeida Gonzales

I had a great conversation with Zeida. She is a 21-year-old student from L.A. With this semester she is starting her fourth year of college, even though it is only her third year at Long Beach State. She told me that she had to take one year off of studying. Zeida is the eldest of seven siblings; all girls besides her one brother who is the yougest. She told me that she is really close with each one of them, but even though she is commuting to campus she barely sees them due to school and work.

Really interesting for me was that Zeida is also a film major. Who would have thought? One day, she met somebody from a special effects and make-up department whose wife works for Universal. And when she saw that there is so much more behind the film industry she fell in love with it. Her first major was about working with ultrasound in the hospital but after a while she couldn’t imagine being in a hosptal everyday; so she switched into studying film. Who can blame her?

wpid-img_2797I asked her “does art matter?” Zeida’s answer was that it matters in deed a lot. She said “How can we live in a world full of robots such as doctors and engineers?” In fact, according to Zeida, everything we do is art, whether you are a doctor working on a surgery or creating a bridge as an engineer.

Like I said I had a great conversation with her, so that I actually forgot to take a picture. Thus, I just went to her website and found this cool picture of her.

If you think she sounds like an interesting person (which she definitely is) just visit her webpage.


Graffiti in Venice Beach

This week’s activity was to make a graffiti, so I left campus to go to Venice Beach with my lovely friends Andrea Casamitjana and Emily Snyder.

image (22)

No worries folks, everything we did was legal. We went to the Venice Beach Legal Art Walls  where anyone can show of their graffiti artworks. To keep it simple, each one of us was painting their name on the wall. Beforehand, we had to figure out how to make the spray work. Since no one of use ever did that before we probably looked like some wannabe-sprayers (which we technically are). But once we figured that out we were good to go.

image (21)It is actually a lot of fun and the result looked better than expected. You spray whatever you want to. The closer you get to the wall the more control you have about where the color lands and the further away you are the color gets spreaded more. I figured out that you have to repaint each spot, so that you’re actually able to see it clear; especially if you spray over another existing graffiti. At the end I could eternize myself at the Venice Beach Legal Art Walls or at least until someone else sprays over my artwork.

So what do you thing about my “creative” graffiti? It for sure was a fun experience.

image (23)

Sculptures by Nick Bamford

image (5)Right next to me you can see the artist Nick Bamford. He is a student at Long Beach State University and on Thursday 9/10/15 he presented his show of artwork. It took place in the Max L. Gatov East Gallery where he showed eight sculptures that he created within the last 2 months. His artworks were all created on an individual construction that he built from random materials. These constructions were then covered in cement and plaster. Most of his sculptures showed people or body parts in different motions and emotions. For instance, his show included a hand, a person’s head and a guy playing guitar (all are shown below). All of his sculptures look raw which probably happened because of the  material he used. I asked him how he held the liquid cement in place so that it stayed where it was supposed to be. His answer: “It’s a secret.” Some people could say that the sculptures also look unfinished since not everything is covered in cement. But I think this is part of the art when you can still see a little of the construction beneath. Or if I would sy it with Bamford’s words: “Nothing really needs to be finished.”

Each sculpture took him one to two days to make and they all have some personal meaning for the artist which he didn’t want to share with me. Mainly, he started creating these scuptures to challenge himself but also to express himself. He started building without a plan and he didn’t want to achieve anything specific. The more the scultptures developed the more he focused on the gestures while the facial expressions, which look all different from piece to piece, just happened through the process of working with liquid cement.

The pieces don’t have specific names since Bamford wanted to leave them open for interpretation. I am pretty sure that I interpreted all sculptures differently than other people. The hand, for example, kind of reminded me of my mum because once she was illustrating the pictures for a book in which the reader followed the story of a hand which was not connected to a body. The guitar playing sculture reminded me of the time when I learned to play guitar and the passion you need to have to be able to play it. And the face actually scared me a little bit. It looked like something froma horror movie and I don’t like horror. But even though it scared me it was still a very impressive sculpture. In general, his entire show was set up well and the sculptures were quite remarkable.

image (7) image (8)image (6)

If you are interested in Nick Bamford’s art you can follow him on Instagram under

Meet Emily Snyder

In this week’s class I met Emily Snyder, a freshman who came all the way from Mitchell, Nebraska. Compared to her former place of residence, a little town with 1500 inhabitants, Long Beach seems to be a lot different to her. She told me that there are so many more people here that you can meet and get to know which is barely astonishing when you keep in mind that even our campus alone holds 22 times as much people as her home town. Despite the different in size Emily also mentioned that she enjoys the California weather a lot more than the Nebraska weather, which can be really hot in the summer but also very cold in the winter. I agree with her; who doesn’t like to feel the warmth of the sushine on the skin all year around? Another difference she noticed is that in contrast to Long Beach it is usual in Nebraska to greet people, no matter if you know them or not. That must be some kind of Midwest phenomenon because I experienced the same when I studied two years in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

image (4)All her thoughts give us some idea about who Emily is but let’s get to know a bit more of her. As I already mentioned, she is a freshman who wants to get a degree in international business. Since she has always been interested in fashion and analyzing it she is minoring in fashion merchandising. After college she hopes to be an international buyer in the fashion industry. Her other hobbies are playing guitar and piano, which I think is really cool, and golfing. Emily started golfing in her freshman year of high school and since then she has won the 3rd place in the State Championship. Congratulations, that’s awesome!

Emily has one older sister, who now lives in Colorado, and one younger brother. She has European roots since her mother is French and her dad also has some kind of European origin. Apprently Emily looks also French according to one of her friends who has been in France. I can’t really tell. For me she could also come from Germany or a different country. What do you think?

That’s all I got about Emily so far. If you want to get to know more about her and how she is doing in class you can also visit her webpage under

My Instagram experience

For my art class we were supposed to post four pictures on Instagram on Thursday, September 10. Below you can see the pictures that I took throughout the day and posted. Personally, I like them all a lot.
For the first picture I have visited the Japanes Garden that is located on campus right next to our dorm and I think it is beautiful. In the second image you can see the Pyramid. It’s our main gym and home of my practices and games. You could say it’s my second home right now. The third one shows my friends that I have made in my art class. They’re great. From the left to the right you can see me, Emily, Andrea and Aidan. And then the last one; oh I love this one! That’s me and my friend Sammee from my team after we won a tough match against Loyola Marymount University.

image (1)image (2) image (3) image

All in all, many pictures that were posted by all students from the class showed similar images. When students still had classes, lot of pictures from campus were posted, including my pictures of the Japanese Garden and the Pyramid. Since we visited a diversity galleries for class many students posted pictures of the presented artworks. But once school ended for most students the images showed lots of differences. Some people posted pictures of their pets while others preferred food. Others showed what they were doing after school or with whom they were hanging out with. In my opinion it definitely feels like a community when people posted picture while still being on campus. I think the similar motives of many pictures support this claim. Once their day pursued the motives changed since we all have different lives. That’s being said, go and enjoy the great moment of your life.

That’s me, Nele

Hello world,

just so that you know who you’re dealing with here are some things about me.

My name is Nele Barber and I am currently starting my junior year at Long Beach State. My previous two years at Marquette for sure flew by. I’m studying film and I really think that I am in the right spot do get the best out of it. Hopefully after I am done with college I will be able to start a career in film even though I wouldn’t mind to play professional volleyball for a few years. I’ll just see what surprises life has for me. As you can see I enjoy spending my time with movies and sports, but I also like reading which is similar to watching something. Otherwise, I am a big fan of sleeping and eating good foods. Those two make it hard sometimes to get my priorities straight. That’s it about me for now. I’m sure during the next couple of weeks you will get to know a little more about me.